The Erzulie Wedding packages offer a dedicated choice for each couple…

Each package will define the number of features you can have on your cake. This has been carefully considered to ensure the designs are well balanced, and true to the Erzulie signature.

The Bespoke Opulence Experience is usually more accurately priced after our consultation, due to the individual nature of each design, but this guide should give you a very close estimate.


This package includes designs that are understated in nature and in finish.

Dress up Finishes* only

No Design Features*

2 tiers £330

3 tiers £490

4 tiers £680

5 tiers £875

6 tiers £1,250

7+ tiers quoted after design


This package offers more flair and detail, including more Finishes and Features options.

Dress up OR Styled Finishes*

Up to 2 Design Features*

2 tiers £470

3 tiers £880

4 tiers £1080

5 tiers £1,570

6 tiers £2,860

7+ tiers quoted after design


The gold standard of our packages, with a high level of intricacy, opulence, and impact.

Dress up, Styled, or Extravagant Finishes*

Up to 4 Design Features*

2 tiers £720

3 tiers £1,415

4 tiers £2,880

5 tiers £3,950

6 tiers £4,700

7+ tiers quoted after design

*You can find out more about what is included in each package in more detail by visiting our Packages page here.

single tiered


Serves approx. 12 slices.
Price ranges from £110 to £290 

Serves approx. 24 slices.
Price ranges from £160 to £370

Serves approx. 35 slices.
Price ranges from £185 to £390



Stand Hire

Our selection of cake stands combine strength and beauty, and have been purposefully collected from across the world to raise your cake. The stands will comfortably carry the weight of heavy cakes gracefully, giving it additional height and opulence.

The hire cost ranges between £25 to £50, plus a refundable security deposit of £100.

Wedding Favours

Our wedding favours are the perfect addition to guests’ experience. Designed to look and taste sublime, our favour selection is the perfect token of appreciation to your cherished guests.

View brochure here

Delivery & Set Up

We travelled the world with our cakes and set them up in the most spectacular locations. Cost of delivery will depend on your venue location.

Collection of your packaged cake from our Cambridgeshire studio is available for no additional cost, however we take no responsibility for any damage that happens to the cake once it’s been collected.

Dessert Tables

Turn your wedding cake table to a magical manifestation of edible beauty with our luxury dessert tables designed to impress and indulge your guests.

Prices start from £250

Extra servings

Professionally sliced extra cake servings, packaged for freshness and ready to give to your caterers to serve. Starts from £110

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