The Erzulie Wedding packages offer a dedicated choice for each couple…

Each package will define the number of features you can have on your cake. This has been carefully considered to ensure the designs are well balanced, and true to the Erzulie signature.

The Bespoke Opulence Experience is usually more accurately priced after our consultation, due to the individual nature of each design, but this guide should give you a very close estimate.


This package includes designs that are understated in nature and in finish. Semi-iced and buttercream coverage.

2 tiers £330

3 tiers £570

4 tiers £680

5 tiers £875

6 tiers £1,250

7+ tiers quoted after design


Soft finishes yet beautiful in design, dressed with your choice of a subtle sugar decoration.

2 tiers £410

3 tiers £780

4 tiers £990

5 tiers £1,475

6 tiers £2,860

7+ tiers quoted after design


This package offers more flair and intricate detail, including different textures and fuller style options.

2 tiers £630

3 tiers £995

4 tiers £1,985

5 tiers £2,550

6 tiers £3,500

7+ tiers quoted after design


The gold standard of our packages, with a high level of intricacy, opulence, and impact.

2 tiers £720

3 tiers £1,515

4 tiers £2,880

5 tiers £3,950

6 tiers £4,800

7+ tiers quoted after design

You can find examples of cake designs from each package in this Look Book here.

False (faux) tiers are quoted separately, please get in touch for more information.

We offer a limited number of bespoke spaces in our calendar. An initial deposit of £100 (goes towards the cost of your cake) secures your date, and gives you the option of a complimentary video consultation to develop your design, and a cake tasting experience box.



.Cake Stand/Equipment Hire
An elegant pedastal giving your cake height and grandeur

Cost: Hire fee between £25 to £50 + £100 refundable deposit 

(Stand pick-up options available)

Delivery & Set up 
A must-have service to ensure your cake is delivered safely and displayed correctly. We deliver across the UK and to some destinations globally.

Cost: Depends on your venue location

 Extra Servings
Layered sheet cakes presented to your caterers to serve alongside your cake

Cost: £120 for every 40 finger portions (1″x1″x5″)

Bespoke Flavours

If you’d rather go for a flavour that is not on our menu, we offer custom-made flavours designed and developed for you. Inclusive of tasting

Cost: £100 per flavour

 Wedding Favours
Designed to look and taste sublime, our favours selection is the perfect token of appreciation to your cheriched guests

Cost: Available in our favours brochure here



Treat your guests to aN array of sublime desserts for the full experience 


Our luxurious Patisserie tables are expertly designed to impress and indulge. Get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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